Getting Started


After installing and setting up EATS, there are four steps to getting everything in place to create entities. These are all done via the administration interface at /administer/ (this is not the Django admin interface).

  • Create the Topic Map that will hold your EATS data.
  • Add whatever languages, scripts, name types, entity types, etc, that you wish to use.
  • Add one or more authorities, and specify which language, scripts, etc, are available to them.
  • Create EATS users (these are existing Django users), and if they are to be able to create and edit entities, add them to each authority for which they are to be an editor.

Creating and editing entities

To add new entities, either use the form at /entity/add/ or use one of the client tools to generate them from the names in a source text. An entity may be viewed at /entity/<id>/ and edited at /entity/<id>/edit/.