Client programs

EATS comes with a couple of client programs designed to add entity references to TEI XML markup.


Banquet is a tool for performing bulk keying of name markup in TEI XML documents. Its user interface presents all of the textual content of name elements in groups, allowing the user to perform a single lookup against an EATS instance and add an entity identifier to all of the selected elements.

Banquet is a Python 2 project, and requires PyGTK and lxml.

oXygen lookup plugin

The lookup client is a plugin for the oXygen XML editor that allows a user to select some text, perform a lookup against an EATS instance using that text, and add in appropriate TEI XML markup reference the selected entity. It handles creating new name markup as well as modifying existing name markup.

Most of the JARs that this plugin requires come bundled with it. The exception is jsoup, available at The JAR filename specified in plugin.xml must match the actual jsoup JAR filename; this file should be placed in the EATS plugin directory.